Visual field loss

Lost Memories following a stroke

Immediately post stroke, depending on the severity, there may be a period of time when day to day events are not remembered. Long term memory of past events may be good and the stroke survivor may be able to immediately recall what you just said, but may forget it after a delay. It may also be difficult to take in new information and remember it after a short delay or a distraction. In the long term it is often hard to remember appointments, things that they have to do in the future, medication times etc. They may also have other cognitive problems, such as reduced attention, slower thinking, reduced ability to plan and organise things as they used to

This can sometimes be one of the most difficult effects of stroke for carers to come to terms with in an ongoing situation. It takes a great deal of patience and understanding to cope in an everyday situation, especially when the stroke survivor is home. Family members living outside of the household may not quite understand that, for example, leaving a message with a relative who has had a stroke may never be passed on. This can be frustrating and cause problems for the carer in various ways which they then have to deal with. Yet another stress in the days of caring.

If you would like further information about memory problems after stroke please phone 01255 815916 for an information leaflet.

Visual Problems

Visual problems are common after a stroke and sometimes they occur without any other disability being present. Visual problems fall into several categories after a stroke, depending on exaxctly where in the brain the stroke occurred.

These may be;

  • Central vision loss
  • Visual field loss
  • Eye movement problems
  • Visual processing problems

If you have any queries always speak to the ward staff who will gladly help with further information.

Financial support

If you’ve had a stroke or you’re caring for someone with a stroke, you may be entitled to financial support. The system of benefits is complicated for carers, but there is a range of financial help available. We can also refer on to a specialist advisor for help with benefit claims and form filling. Telephone 01255 815916.

To find out whether you might be entitled to financial support:

Go To: Direc Gov

Find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau – Tel: 0870 7510952

Go To: Citizens Advice


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