Chris Bird – Chairman

A retired chartered management accountant.  Since his retirement, Chris has worked for the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority as an Assoc. Non Executive Director (NED), and for Shropshire Community Health Trust as a NED.  Living in Clacton, he was Chair of Governors at Frobisher School and a Trustee of CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau).

Sheila Ward

Sheila is a retired Occupational Therapist with an extensive knowledge of the NHS. Sheila has also volunteered for an International Charity driving to Bulgaria each year to provide support to the orphans.

Colin Sargeant

Former local Councillor, proactive community leader who brings about change, mobilising the community to improve their environment and encourage social action.

Rob Porter

An experienced engineer, with supervision experience. An experienced Parish Councillor and former Secretary to the Labour Party. Active member of the community with a willingness to support in driving community action.

Wendy Brown

A local practising solicitor specialising in HR. Wendy has recently joined the Board. Wendy has been an active Member of the Labour Party, and is keen to support local  groups in order to improve their ability to support the people in Tendring more fully.

Would you Like to be a Trustee With TSSS?

Being a Trustee can be rewarding and enjoyable.  It is a great way to be involved in a community or cause which matters to you.  Trustees come from all walks of life and being a trustee can help you meet new people, change your community for the better, learn new skills, or use your existing skills in a new context.  You may get involved because it is a cause or an issue you are passionate about or it may be your life has been touched by the work of the organisation.  Being a trustee can expose you to new experiences.  It can present you with new challenges, constructive and exciting ones, as well as some more difficult things to overcome.  As a trustee, you will be part of a team, and have the opportunity to add your unique skills and experience while learing from others too.  At its heart, being a trustee puts you at the centre of the action for the organisation you are involved in.  The more effective the board of trustees, the greater the difference you and your organisation will make.

Trustees should have different skills, backgrounds and experience, which together give a rounded board.  Some trustees will have specific professional or business skills.  Others will bring ‘soft’ skills such as facilitating, team work, problem-solving, fundraising, I.T. support, or even building the social side of being on the board.  Different experiences and perspectives are important and a board that also reflects the people and community they service will help improve effectiveness.

So, an effective board will need a range of skills, attributes and personal experience to enable it to work towards the aims and objectives of the organisation.  The skills, diversity, and experience, a board needs will come from a wide range of perspectives including business skills, service user experience, social or family experience, general interests, or commitment to the goals of the organisation.

If you feel that you would like to become a Trustee of Tendring Specialist Stroke Services, and can demonstrate why your skills, attributes and experience could benefit the organisation, please contact Rosemary Garrey (Director of Operations) on telephone number; 01255 815905.


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