History of the Organisation

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Dr Bryn Millard the then head of Passmore Edwards Rehabilitation Centre started a centre for stroke survivors at Reckitts House. He was supported by Maggie Cooper a Speech and Language therapist and a volunteer to run the centre.


An Adult Education tutor joined the team to facilitate a communication programme for selected members.


The group had to find a new home and a room at Passmore Edwards was offered by Dr Millard.


In conjunction with the Colchester group and under the guidance of Dr Millard, Maggie Cooper and Sonia Smith a film was made showing the activities of the groups – this film has been given universal acclaim and worldwide showing.


A group especially for people with communication difficulties was needed and this was formed so that members could have more individual attention.


Passmore Edwards closed, Centre moved to Clacton Hospital to a corner of the Gym and then the Boardroom.


Move on again to St Paul’s Hall.


Purchase of TSSS’s hall with support from Catalyst and Essex Environment Agency – a permanent home at last.
Became a Registered Charity to assist in fund raising and resource management of the CDSA. NB being affiliated to The Stroke Association would not bring funding from them for the service.


25th Anniversary
Extension to hall due to greater demand for service supported by the Catalyst Trust.
Funding from PCT for High Dependency Group thus adding an additional day to the service.


Run independently as Company Limited by Guarantee.
Increased funding from Tendring PCT for additional hours for Co-ordinator to cope with increased demands of running the centre in compliance with legislative requirements.
Staffing levels increased due to greater demand for day centre services and in compliance with legislative requirements for high dependency day only.
Tendring PCT funded the Stroke Family Support Service, to be managed by the TSSS instead of The Stroke Association which had offered the service since l992.
Counselling Service funded by PCT.

2002 – 2014

The organisation continues to be partially funded by the PCT. After April 2014 the organisation hopes to be commissioned by the Clinical Commissioning Group.


Office: 85 Frinton Road, Holland on Sea, Essex CO15 5UH. Tel: 01255 815905 e-mail: info@tendringstroke.org.uk
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