Aims and Objectives

Our Mission is:-

To provide a vital pathway for the people of Tendring to be aware of the causes and prevention of stroke, as well as supporting the stroke survivor and their carers/family to have choice and control in their care. Tendring Specialist Stroke Services supports those affected by stroke to experience a measure of independence.

Tendring Specialist Stroke Services is committed to enabling stroke survivors, their carers and families to improve their health by personal, social and emotional reahbilitation as well as gaining a better wuality of life. The organisation promotes primary and secondary stroke prevention.

Tendring Specialist Stroke Services provides stroke services to meet the needs of stroke survivors, families, and carers across Tendring, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, political and religious belief etc.

Our Aims are:-

  • To offer support, guidance and help to stroke survivors, their families and professionals involved in their care.
  • To strive for improvements in services for those who have suffered a stroke.
  • To increase public awareness of stroke and its impact on family, social and working life.

Our Objectives are:-

  • To provide social, purposeful, and therapeutic activites.
  • To develop new skills and confidence.
  • Meet and share experiences to promote personal adjustment.
  • Family and community support.
  • Inform through education and training.
  • Network with other agencies.

Office: 85 Frinton Road, Holland on Sea, Essex CO15 5UH. Tel: 01255 815905 e-mail:
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