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Emotional Support Service

A stroke can cause many bewildering changes in a person’s emotions and behaviour. Suddenly, he or she can seem like a completely different person than before the stroke. In a way, this is true.  Stroke survivors’ brains have been injured. The behaviours and emotions they display are a reflection of that injury.  The loss of a person’s former identity can result in depression, anger and frustration. Loss and the grieving process are closely linked. The stroke survivor and family members may find themselves going through the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance). Family members may also   experience grief as they have lost the previous relationship with the stroke survivor.  Understanding and dealing with these changes and losses are just as important as the physical issues that are dealt with in the rehabilitation process.

Our emotional support service is available to people who have had a stroke, their carer(s), or members of their family.

The service can be accessed at any time after stroke, either directly, or as a referral from health professionals working with individuals and families who have been affected by stroke.

The service is currently funded by Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE).  We do not charge a fee, but clients are welcome to make a donation if they wish.

For more information, or if you would like a leaflet sent to you, please contact Rosemary Garrey (Director of Operations) on telephone number; 01255 815905.

Stroke Exercise Group – Monday Afternoons 2.00pm – 3.30pm (Holland on Sea Centre))

What is the Stroke Exercise Group?

Exercise improves physical fitness and physical function (particularly walking ability) and so reduces disability.

Exercise may, in theory, have a number of other benefits e.g., improving mood, and reducing the risk of recurrent stroke and other vascular events.   People who have participated in exercise group have advised that it reduces fatigue, increases confidence and  improves quality of life.  Given that exercise is of great benefit post stroke and forms part of the rehabilitation  process, it is crucial that every stroke survivor in the Tendring area has access to an exercise group.

Working in partnership with Anglian  Community Enterprise (ACE), Tendring  Specialist Stroke Services  can now offer  a Stroke Exercise Groups at its Holland and Dovercourt centres


  • Qualified Stroke Specialist Physiotherapists in each session providing tailored approach for each client.
  • Graded exercises for all abilities.
  • 60 minutes of exercise which will include circuits followed by a group session.
  • Chance to meet other stroke survivors, with tea and coffee at the end each session.

Cost = £5.00 per session for 8 weeks.

Clients need to organize their own transport.

For more information, please contact; Rosemary Garrey, Director of Operations, on: 01255 815905

Excercise Class

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